About Turtle-arts

Turtle Arts is specialized in making rather unique prints of reptiles and amphibians on T-shirts and/or sweaters. All my designs are produced in very limited numbers, at most 50 prints per design. My objective is to produce T-shirts with limited availability and with very high quality prints on them, making my shirts the best money can buy.

I started this business having gotten unemployed but still in need to express my creativity. So I started combining my graphic skills with my hobby: turtles! I was rather amazed that there are so few T-shirts with turtle designs on them out there, so I decided to fill the gap. And so, in 2009, Turtle Arts came to be. Production of my first 3 models was limited to a single, “cheap” design. But within a year the first 4 colored model was designed for a third party, UK-based turtle forum Terrapin-info.co.uk, and this opened the door to more full colored designs and prints, resulting in the production of our first 4 colored design: “Turtle Model 5”. This design immediately became a hit and within 2 months the next full color, realistic design was produced.

So far, this development has resulted in more than 50 T-shirt models produced by early 2021. Being familiar with the printing technique I have chosen to use, means I can design within its limits and using its possibilities to full extend. I hope to produce many more designs in the coming years, with many designs ready to be produced already.